Project Management

We’re always a few steps ahead.

Oxford Design Haus project manages each job ensuring the smooth integration of trades on site, pre-empting problems, troubleshooting any that do arise, and often anticipating the best design and creative solutions for our clients.

To achieve the best results possible for any design and to realise its maximum and intended potential, talented craftsmen and builders are essential. Our small team of sub-contractors are superb tradesmen, excellent in their own fields with a combined experience of over 30 years, and are efficient and extremely polite.

Oxford Design Haus aspire to fulfil each project brief to the complete satisfaction of our clients. As part of this commitment we respond quickly and enthusiastically to any revisions or changes that may present themselves during the course of a project to ensure the best possible end result.

We pride ourselves on always being a few steps ahead, anticipating, devising solutions and indeed being innovative.